The Rocket Pool



The Rocket Pool is the 4th Studio album by UK rock band Soley Mourning. Released April 2014 on Soley Mourning Records, the album brings together a brilliant collection of hard rock.

01 Last of These Nine Lives
02 Accidental Enemies
03 Turn Yourself Around
04 Shark Eyes
05 Gumstream
06 The Rocket Pool
07 The Unmaking of a Rational Mind
08 Seed of Doubt
09 Only Embers
10 So Long Song

Product Code: SM000004

  1. Shark Eyes Soley Mourning Buy 3:09
  2. Only Embers Soley Mourning Buy 5:01
  3. Way Down Low Soley Mourning Buy 3:12
  4. Heaven Inside You Soley Mourning Buy 4:33