Soley Mourning

Last of These Nine Lives

Here it is folks, our 2nd single “Last of These Nine Lives” from our 4th Studio album “The Rocket Pool” directed and produced by Andy Taylor.
The song and video features an awesome singer/songwriter Tina V,  who is not only the singer for This Wicked Tongue, but is also set to release her debut solo album “Cut The Tent”. Tina is also appearing at the Canadian Music Festival later this year

Check out her work here and

Andy, Tone, D, Lloyd and Mat


The Rocket Pool

It’s finally here folks, The Rocket Pool. Head on over to our store here to get your copy!


Rio World Cup vid

As you may or not know, England have progressed through to the World Cup finals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for 2014. As we are all massive football fans here in S.M, we have decided to change the lyrics and re record a version of our track ‘Goin Down To Rio’, from our 2nd album ‘Remove Replace Rewire’ to reference England and the World Cup to hopefully get it pushed out and heard. We urge you to share the vid via twitter, Facebook, word of mouth and any other way you can think of to try and get it noticed!!!

heres the vid and thanks in advance!!!