Soley Mourning


We are sad to say that after 12 years Soley Mourning is no more.

We have made the incredibly difficult decision to split up.

We believe that we owe our small group of fans a good reason for all this and there are many.

The truth is that we as a band have been stuck in a rut for a good couple of years now, low on enthusiasm and lacking any real direction, we feel now that we are becoming a kind of ghost version of ourselves.

Like most bands who have been around for a long time we have had to contend with lots of big setbacks that have derailed us but we always slugged it out and got back on track, eventually though, these things take their toll and now we’ve just totally lost the stomach for a fight.

The most important reason we give for calling time though is that our friendships have come under strain recently and the most important thing to us has always been our friendships and bond within the band. We realise that staying good friends through the years and seeing each other every week to play music, hang out and have a laugh is what has kept us going for so long and to end it with friendships still intact is paramount.

We have had an unbelievable ride this last 12 years our music has taken us to some fantastic countries and we have met lots of fantastic people along the way and though there’s been many ups and downs the good times easily overshadow the bad when looking back. We genuinely believe these last 12 years will always remain as the best years of our lives no matter what we do from now on. We always wanted to create a little legacy of music and everything that went with it and though it’s on a very small scale compared to the famous bands we are satisfied we have done so, and are very proud of our work.

We have never been anybody’s puppets and always done it our way, we always liked to take a risk to get a reaction and never been afraid to say things in our music that some ppl don’t necessarily want to hear and looking back that has definitely been what’s cost us getting on with the managers and labels we have been under, but we harbour no bad feeling towards them and wouldn’t have had it any other way. A DIY band is what we have always been proud to be.

We wanna thank all the fantastic musicians that have played with or helped us out over the years and a special mention must go to our former drummers Ash, Lloyd and Chris who will always be part of our special family.

We wanna thank all the managers, promoters, sound engineers, film makers and photographers who have helped us out so much over the years and not forgetting our wonderful roadie Emzy.

We also wanna thank all the great bands we have shared the stage with over the years, we have been constantly inspired by them and have had some great laughs along the way. There aren’t many local bands left who were on the scene when we started back in 06 but every band new or old needs support so please keep supporting the local original bands, believe us, they need your support nowadays more than ever.

And finally,we wanna say a massive thank you to you guys, our small but brilliant fan base!We can’t put into words how important you have been and your love and support has keep us strong throughout.

We are truly, truly grateful.

We love you all.

Our back catalogue of music and videos will still be available on all the major sites and on here, and though stock is quite low physical copies of all 4 of our albums will be available until our remaining stock runs out. We also have a lot of unreleased stuff that may at some point see the light of day.

We did want to play a farewell show at Katie Fitzgerald’s on the 23rd of Feb as planned but as our last gig on Friday was such a belter we have decided to leave it on a high note and cancel any upcoming shows that we have. We’re sorry if this has caused any inconvenience but it’s how we want it to be.

Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as we have, and hope you can take a few nice memories with ya!

Peace and love always X


  1. Shark Eyes Soley Mourning Buy 3:09
  2. Only Embers Soley Mourning Buy 5:01
  3. Way Down Low Soley Mourning Buy 3:12
  4. Heaven Inside You Soley Mourning Buy 4:33